Aug 19, 2010

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Guest Post: Jessica from A Fanatic’s Book Blog

The lovely Jessica from A Fanatic’s Book Blog was nice enough to write up a guest post for me! It’s all about what got her interested in the romance genre. I am very busy with school starting this week so I am so grateful that she could do this for me. Jessica is also the one who made my gorgeous blog layout. She is taking requests, so email her at if you need help with your blog design, and she’ll give you a quote. Please take the time to leave Jessica some love by commenting! =)

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A Letter to the Romance genre

Dear Romance genre,

I’ll admit it right here and right now. To me, the word romance was terrifyingly feminine! Doesn’t it just scream flowers, chocolate and poor attempts at wooing women? You’ll have to pardon me here, but my only foray into Romance books for a long time were those Mass Market Paperbacks that you find in line at WalMart. You know the ones. Sweeping plains, extremely pale women and perfectly chiseled men lined up in rows with titles like Lover Mine and For the Love of Amy. Books like these made my stomach churn and I was certain that these were where the Romance genre ended. Keep in mind I was also 12 at the time.

Oh how wrong I was…

Enter Tiffanie DeBartolo’s book, God-Shaped Hole. It was given to me by my sister with the simple phrase, “You’ll love it I promise!” and a smile. I can’t resist my sister’s smile on the best of days. So I cracked open the book and suddenly I was deeply involved in the lives of the two characters. Hello, this was a Romance novel? Amazed! I became enamored with the writing and the characters. Their love was the kind that took work and was slightly broken around the edges. Two people who separate were nothing but together were everything. They weren’t perfect, nor were they in a sweeping plain setting. This was what I wanted to read about.

My first thought was that this book was simply a teaser. Were there really more that I could become invested in out there? Still, you didn’t give up on me. Instead you sent me Lovestruck Summer by Melissa Walker to devour, and later the Gena Showalter books. Anyone who says that they can resist the Gena Showalter covers is most likely lying. Boasting gorgeous men with dark and brooding titles, these books drew me in. As I opened the pages I fell even deeper. These were the stories I wanted! I wondered how it took me so long to find them. My wall of doubt crumbled, and it was just you and I, face to face.

I suppose what I’m rambling on about is that you, Romance genre, are so huge and all encompassing. How was I to know that Paranormal Romance existed? That Historical Romance existed? The more I dive in, the more I discover. I feel bad for ever doubting you. You’ve got me under your spell, and I’m quite proud of it!
From a girl who is truly a happy convert,


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