Sep 7, 2010

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Interview with Sophie Jordan

 Interview with Sophie JordanSophie Jordan, author of FIRELIGHT, was gracious enough to take time out of her busy schedule to do an interview with me! Thanks, Sophie!


If you had to describe FIRELIGHT in just three words, what would they be?
Steamy – ha!
How long did it take you to write FIRELIGHT?
Hmm, if you total in everything from creating the proposal, writing the book, working on revisions … probably about 6 months.

I know that you also write Historical Romance and Paranormal Romance. What made you decide to start writing in the Young Adult genre?
I was reading a lot of young adult fiction in my leisure time (which isn’t much!). It didn’t take me long to get hooked on YA. It took even less time to start fantasizing about my own YA storylines. Especially after reading Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games and Lisa McMann’s Wake. They just blew me away and got me thinking about writing my own YA.
The FIRELIGHT cover is gorgeous! Who is the designer behind the fabulous cover?
I don’t know too much about the photographer and design artist specifically except they’re both geniuses!
I can tell you a bit about what was involved in creating the cover. The model, I was told, was put through a vigorous day. They took over a thousand photos and by the end of the day her eye was quite irritated from the make-up! Poor girl! The plan, I’m told, is for the same model to be on the future Firelight books.
Are there any upcoming books that you’re excited about?
I just finished the arc for Kimberly Derting’s DESIRES OF THE DEAD! It’s not to be missed. A fantastic continuation in THE BODY FINDER series. I’m, of course, looking forward to Derting’s third book – whenever it releases.
How many books do you have planned for the FIRELIGHT series?

The plan is for a trilogy. I’m wrapping up the second book now … title and cover to be revealed soon!

Thanks for stopping by, Sophie! If you want to know read more about Sophie Jordan and FIRELIGHT, you can check out her website HERE.

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  1. Cass (Words on Paper) says:

    Great interview! I wish my ARC was over here so I could read it. :( Sitting in my friend's room, still packaged- so this is its fate… until I can pay for the shipping! Damn it, Paypal, you keel me!

    The cover design process is interesting– I'm glad that she'll be in the next covers too, because of that continuity, as well as her extreme prettiness. :)

  2. DJ's Life in Fiction says:

    Thank you for the great interview! I, too, like knowing the covers will match in terms of the model and I absolutely love the cover of Firelight. I especially love the scales around the eyes.

  3. anjohnston says:

    What a wonderful interview. You asked some great questions. I loved hearing about the model for the cover. Thanks for posting!

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