Sep 18, 2010

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Smart Chicks Kick It Tour

 Smart Chicks Kick It Tour
So, yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour in Phoenix! It was such a fun event and I really enjoyed meeting all of the authors! Some authors, like Sarah Rees Brennan and Kimberly Derting, I have never read before but after meeting them, I am ready to dive into their books!

My mom and I left 3 hours early so we could grab a bite to eat and get their early, since we live an hour away from Scottsdale. When we arrived, the first thing we saw was the book table. I ran over and starting grabbing books that I didn’t already have, that I had to read and have signed!! I ended up with 8 books to add to my already ginormous pile of 14 books! It was quite a load to carry around, but I was determined to have books for every author to sign.

We got in line and waited for about 30 minutes to go into the auditorium, where the signing was held. There was a really cool slide show with all of the authors and their books with some really cool music and graphics in the background! Then, it was time for the authors to come out. They all ended up sitting on top of the table. It was a funny site to see all the authors try to maneuver themselves on top of some unstable tables!

 Smart Chicks Kick It Tour
First up was the question and answer session, followed by the lightening round. I really wished I would have written down all of the questions and their answer, but alas, I didn’t think that far ahead. I do remember that Sarah Rees Brennan had some pretty hilarious and awesome responses! Melissa Marr was laughing so hard that she was crying! One of the questions turned into Sarah Rees Brennan demonstrating how to properly fence, which was quite a sight! She also introduced Scottsdale to the Marry-Shag-Cliff game.Here’s how it works: you choose a book, then you choose who you would marry, who you would shag (or make out with, as Melissa Marr and Holly Black tried to switch the word shag with, with no luck), and who you would cliff. I will demonstrate! Book: Awakening by Kelley Armstrong, I would marry Derek, shag Derek, and cliff Simon! =) This game was a ton of fun and got giggles out of everyone!

 Smart Chicks Kick It Tour
Sarah Rees Brennan also informed us of her most embarrassing moment, which happened on Thursday, where she went swimming in her black underwear. You can find her account of it on the Smart Chicks Blog! It is hilarious!!

 Smart Chicks Kick It Tour
After the lightening round was the signing. There were no numbers given out, so it was a mad dash to where the line started. Me, I had a ton of books to lug so I was towards the end of the line but that was fine! I got to talk to some nice ladies in the line which made the time pass. I also ran into the lovely ladies of Late Bloomer Online! They were so nice and sweet! They even gave me some super cool swag! I’m really glad that I got to meet them. They also introduced me to Aprilynne Pike, which was really awesome!! I can’t wait to see them all again next week at another signing! =)

 Smart Chicks Kick It Tour
I was so excited when I finally made it to the authors! All of them were so nice! When I told Alyson Noel my blog name, she told me that she remembered me, which was so surreal. She and Kimberly Derting then got into a talk about how great bloggers were and how much they appreciate them. It was so great to hear what a difference we bloggers make! I had a really fun conversation with Sarah Rees Brennan, once I got up to her. She and I talked about how great it would be to be billionaires so we could buy all the books we wanted. She even wrote in one of my books, “Bailey-Let’s be billionaires!” Holly Black was really fun, too! She and Sarah also told me how much they loved book bloggers. Melissa Marr and Kelley Armstrong were so nice and wrote different things in each one of my many books that they signed, even though there was still a bit of a line.

I really enjoyed my time at the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour in Scottsdale and would definitely go to another event like this in the future! One thing I realized when I got home was that I forgot to get The Eternal Kiss anthology signed, which was what I was going to giveaway! I would like to know, if I did decide to give this away, if I gave away signed bookmarks and a poster signed by all the authors, would anyone still enter?

**I really want to say thank you to my mom for taking me to this event! She is such an awesome mom and took me even though she wasn’t feeling well! She made sure I got all the books that I wanted, helped me lug all of my books around, and took all of the pictures of the signing. I love you so much and appreciate all that you do for me, mom.

Here are some more pictures from the signing:

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun!!

  2. Sounds like an awesome experience. I was going to attend the one in Houston, but it turned out to be too hard to travel there with school just starting… Better luck next time, I guess.

  3. Awesome! I wish I was there.

  4. kirsty at the overflowing library says:

    i am jealous!

  5. Wow, it looks like you had an awesome time! I wish they were coming to Florida but alas, no such luck.

  6. thebookfairyhaven says:

    Aww, I so wish I could attend events like these – alas, these events only seem limited to the UK and the US! Sounds like you have a fabulous time though!

  7. Christie (The Fiction Enthusiast) says:

    Looks like a great time! I’m so bummed I wasn’t able to go when they were in Texas.

  8. Glad you had a good time. I was also at this event I remember seeing you as we were standing in line before going into the event. You really did have a lot of books with you. It was nice of your mom to hold all those other books for you. :)

  9. L8BloomerOnline says:

    We loved meeting you too Bailey! See you on Friday!

  10. This is a great post and thank you for the shout out to Late Bloomer! We really loved meeting you and can't wait to see you tomorrow too!

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