Oct 2, 2010

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Review: Over the Moon by Diane Daniels and a Giveaway

 Review: Over the Moon by Diane Daniels and a GiveawayOver the Moon by Diane Daniels
July 29, 2010

Received from Author for Honest Review

From Goodreads:
When seventeen-year-old Tiana moves to Hurricane, Utah, her comfortable world is turned upside down as she traverses the rough waters of adjusting to a small town and new school. Her father insists they were supposed to move here for some unknown, important purpose, and the voice in her head tells her not to argue. After resigning herself to being a miserable outcast, Tiana finds that she is not only accepted by most of the students at her new high school but is also the recipient of unwelcome attention from the opposite sex. But then she meets the mysterious Andrew Martin and is soon Over the Moon crazy about him. Andrew seems to be the perfect boyfriend: protective, tender, good with her parents, and a fabulous kisser. But he also has a few unusual qualities: an intuitiveness that borders on mind reading, a touch that seems to heal, and almost superhuman strength. Tiana marvels at his talents but doesn’t seriously consider the implications until she can no longer ignore the clues: Andrew does not belong on Earth. When Andrew admits his true identity, Tiana enters a world previously unknown to her and is plunged into mortal danger as it is Andrew’s sworn duty to combat evil, extraterrestrial villains who wish to invade Earth and enslave mankind. Join Diane Daniels for a romantic adventure in Over the Moon, which will take you to a world where the impossible comes to life.”

My Review:
When I first came upon Over the Moon I was very excited to see that it was a romance with aliens in it. Since there aren’t that many YA alien type books out there, I thought that this book had the potential to be a fun, original romance. I am very sorry to say that this was not the case. The story went way too fast and I didn’t feel like anything was believable.

The first problem I had was with Tiana. She starts out feeling insecure about her looks and never stops, even when everyone around her keeps telling her how gorgeous she is and has tons of guys flocking to her, she still doesn’t believe it. She should at least feel a little confidence in herself! It was very annoying to have her putting herself down on every page and it just made her very unlikeable. She was also very, very, very dense. When it is obvious that something is up with Andrew, her romantic interest, she puts it off as being peculiar and it takes her forever to figure out that somethings up. The romance progressed much too fast between Tiana and Andrew! Andrew starts calling her pet names after one dance and a couple of classes with her, which was way weird. Their “love” cam off as much too fake and it was very rushed.

Andrew was a very unlikeable love interest. He comes off as stalkerish and acts really creepy around Tiana. He is very one-dimensional and I couldn’t see what Tiana saw in him. Sure, he has the hot, surfer looks but zero personality. This made it very hard to continue on with the story, as I really didn’t care much about what happened with him and Tiana.

Over the Moon was like Twilight and Roswell combined together in a book, but not at all how I would expect a story like that to be. I loved Roswell and could see hints of it in the book, but Roswell had a much better romance and story. The elements from Twilight were very obvious, which made it very hard to get though the story. There are too many stories out there that try to be like Twilight.

I may have liked this book better had Over the Moon been better written. The writing was almost elementary and it was really off-putting. There were words that were over-used like”exceptionally” which was in there too many times to count. There was also a time when (the book is written in past tense) a sentence in present tense was thrown in, which just grated the editor in me! I think that it may have been a better story had the book been edited a few more times.

I really hate saying negative things about books and giving bad reviews, but I had to with this one. I know that the author worked very hard, but it would have been so much better had it gone though a few more edits. It had the potential to be such an amazing story, but it just wasn’t pulled off well. Maybe others with like it better than I did, so I say give it a try if you really want to read a book about aliens, or are looking for a quick, easy read! You may just find it more satisfying than I did!

My Rating:

3 Stars

*With that being said, I will be giving away my copy of Over the Moon to one lucky commenter! If you win, please do come back and tell me what you thought. If you liked it, consider writing a review for it, as self-published authors need those reviews. I’m just sorry that I had to give it 3 stars. Giveaway ends on October 15 and please leave an email in your comment so I can contact you if you win. U.S. Only.*

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  1. I am sorry to hear that the story didn't turn out how you wanted it to! Maybe one lucky person (maybe me) might get the chance to read it and see if they have a different reaction!


    please also feel free to visit my blog at

    Have a great weekend!

  2. The cover is very beautiful, and although the premise sounds a bit cliche, I'd definitely give it a shot. I can be a sucker for romance.

  3. samantha35 says:

    Great giveaway


  4. You can't like every book right? For some reason it seems like the last few books I've read haven't been then great either. It's kind of got me down for some reason, I'm hoping to start reading a real winner! I just need to figure out which book off my shelf to pick up next! And thanks for the honest review. Sometimes how a book is written or the style can be very off putting from the actual story.


  5. I'm willing to give it a try! Everyone has different tastes, after all. :)

  6. Savannah Smith says:

    The synopsis sounds interesting. I wonder if I would like it…


  7. it's been on my wishlist forever, I would love to try it out.
    Thanks for offering your copy.

  8. Vampires and Tofu says:

    Thanks for the honest review….I'm not a fan or books with rushed romances either. (so I'm not entering lol…just wanted to comment on the review =)

  9. Thanks for the review and the giveaway! atomicxrawr@yahoo(dot)com

  10. Angela Carlie says:

    I'd love to give it a go. All books deserve a chance to be read by everyone.

    angelacarlie@yahoo dot com

  11. Hilary St. Laurent says:

    Well you can't love every book. :/ Hopefully who ever wins it will have a different opinion. The cover is pretty awesome, and the premise sounds relatively interesting! :P Thanks for giving it away :D

    hilarystlaurent AT gmail DOT com

  12. AmazingBookReviews says:

    Aww. Sorry it didn't meet your expectations. I'm sure you'll find another book that's even better than you thought this book was. Trust. & Thanks for the giveaway. Others can't judge it until they've read it. xD Thanks again !


  13. Lauren M (365 Days of Reading) says:

    It's a bummer that the book didn't live up to your expectations. I agree that the summary sounds promising!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    pichipitch AT gmail DOT com

  14. At least you were honest about it. I would still like to read it, and maybe I will like it a little more.

  15. Alejandra D.L.F says:

    I would like to give it a try


  16. Theresa M says:

    This book seems pretty good. And the cover is so pretty! I'd really like to read it!


  17. I liked your honest review. I love both Twilight and Roswell, so I think I might enjoy this book. Thank you for the giveaway!

    sarahdc22 (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. Thanks for the honest review! Sorry you didn't enjoy it that much! I hope I get to read it because it's the kind of thing I'm usually interested in! Thanks for the giveaway!


  19. - Melissa - says:

    Well, at least you gave you're honest opinion! Books are different for everyone….anyway, thanks for the giveaway!!


  20. Christie (The Fiction Enthusiast) says:

    Sorry this one didn’t work out for you. I hate giving less than great reviews as well, but sometimes it has to be done. I have this one on my wish list, and would love to enter your giveaway. Thanks!

    TheFictionEnthusiast @live.com

  21. Kristina Barnes♥ says:

    Aww, it's a shame you didn't like it. D: I've had this on my tbr for a while and I really want to read it! :) Thank you for the honest review, though!


  22. where's the other shoe? says:

    I have to be honest and say I didn't read the review – only because I have a very wishwashy mind. I don't like movie reviews either. (I think it's the same reason I skip reading the side effects of medications lol). I love reading though, love finding new things because stepping out of the authors I depend on is a scary thing for me. (That could be a side effect of my meds – I'll never know!) Anyway, The synopsis sounds like an interesting read and if I'm picked I'll be more than happy to come back and read your review and compare with mine. Happy Friday (almost) :)
    writtendesign at gmail dot com

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