Nov 15, 2010

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Lack of Posting

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I am so sorry about not posting for awhile! Things have been so crazy at home and at school. I have had a bazillion projects given to me this month and I’ve only finished half of them. IB teachers love to give projects to their students around the same tie and have them due on the same day which is so stressful. I love IB because it gives me a chance to get more scholarships and learn more advanced concepts, but I just don’t know how I will be able to manage for another year and a half. I know I can do it, but it just means less time for reading and blogging.

Also, my family and I are having to move to a new house before Thanksgiving and moving takes FOREVER. Seriously. We have been doing stuff over there for a month now and we are just now starting to move items in.

In addition, I have just started volunteering for MinPin Haven Rescue of Arizona and that has been consuming much of what little free time I have on the weekend. Why minpins, you ask? Well, I have four of these little guys. They drive me crazy but I love them to pieces! I feel awful about them not having a permanent family to love and care for them so I want to give back. Their stories of how they got into the rescue are heartbreaking and it just makes me want to do something to help these guys out. Which is another reason why we are rushing to move. The rescue is overflowing with dogs right now and they don’t have very many fosters. Which means dogs that are found on the streets, or in other horrible situations, have to be turned down because there just isn’t enough space for them. As soon as we get moved in, we will be able to foster dogs and hopefully save more dogs’ lives.

So, yeah. This is why I haven’t had a lot of time to blog or read. On the plus side, I did a dystopian paper on Matched by Ally Condie so that review will come as soon as I have time to write it! =) I will also be celebrating Quantum’s (by Imogen Rose) release and will have a contest for a signed copy of the first book in the series, Portal.

Sorry for this non-book related post but I just wanted to tell you all what was going on. I hope everyone is having a great November!

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  1. brave chickens says:

    Good luck with keeping up with IB. I've been bogged down recently as well with school stuff (thus not much reading or blogging done). I'm about to start my second year and the teachers scare me, 'cause of all the assesments we'll need to do for IB. Try to stay organised! :D

  2. Wow! You have been very busy!!!
    Good luck with all your projects! and hope tor ead some of your reviews soon!


  3. I've missed your posts but look forward to seeing you when life calms down. Good luck with school and moving!

  4. I've really missed your posts but I can understand since I too am a junior an am in full IB, I totally get it about the teachers and all the work that goes into it. I'm also going to be working, well volunteering, at a local animal shelter too! I just love dogs and animals in general, I'd take them all home with me if I could. Hope the moving is going good!

  5. I think it's fabulous that you are doing Min Pin rescue and the reason I think that is because I got a Min Pin puppy in August. He was a puppy mill rescue that I got through the IMPS. He turned 1 year old on October 21 and I can't begin to tell you how much I love this little guy! Kudos to you for this. People who work in dog rescue are a special kind of awesome.

    My thoughts also go out to you on your move. I closed on my house Friday and have been moving boxes over since then. We got the big stuff over here today… but I'm afraid I'll be living out of boxes for awhile.

    Good luck to you!

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