Dec 12, 2010

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Guest Post: Anne Michaud

Livy Parker’s Journal, by Anne Michaud

I have an imaginary friend. She lives in the future and every day, she chronicles her life in her journal.

Her world is grim: War V has gone global, the US has closed its borders to prevent homeland invasion, and kids are being sent to war to fight for their country’s freedom. There is no other choice; joining the Army is mandatory and at 19, you’re sent overseas.

But not for her. My friend could get away with it. She could say no and go to college, like her dad did. And like her dad, she could become a journalist, famous and free of her duties. Because everyone knows where they’re going, everyone has a path. And she just changed hers…

My friend is not typical; my friend is her own person. She doesn’t want to stay safely at home while others fight for their lives, for hers. Sometimes, I don’t understand why she’s going, why she would leave everything behind and risk her life. But that’s my friend: always hoping she can change the world.

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Livy Parker’s Journal: the dystopian world of a teenage girl is a prequel to the book Rebel by author Anne Michaud.

Click HERE for to read more about Livy Parker’s Journal.

Thanks to Anne Michaud for stopping by!

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