Jan 4, 2011

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Review: Vampire Crush by A.M. Robinson

 Review: Vampire Crush by A.M. Robinson

From Goodreads:

I swear, my life was always totally normal.

Normal house, normal family, normal school. My looks are average, I don’t have any superpowers, no one’s showing up to tell me I’m a princess—you get the picture. But when my junior year started, something not normal happened. There were new kids at school . . . new kids with a wardrobe straight out of a 19th-century romance novel, and an inexplicable desire to stay at school until sundown.

And on top of that, James Hallowell showed up. James, who stole my sandwiches in fourth grade and teased me mercilessly through middle school. James, who now seems to have the power to make my heart race any time he comes near.

But something weird is going on. Because James rarely goes out during the day. And he seems stronger than your typical guy. And he knows the new kids, all of whom seem to be harboring some kind of deep secret. . . .

My Review:

This is a very cute, light paranormal read that I enjoyed. Though the vampires in the book were very unoriginal and the book was very predictable, I still enjoyed reading the novel. Vampire Crush is a nice book to read if you aren’t looking for anything too deep or love vampire novels.

Sophie is a paper cutter heroine that you will find in most YA novels nowadays. She doesn’t care much for her looks, people think that she is average, she dresses frumpy, and is a loner. Of course, this is the point when the gorgeous hero, James, comes into the story and sweeps her off her feet, though she refuses to admit that she is falling for him. The rest of the story involves her “fight” with the villain, Vlad, and her search for why Vlad and his posee came to her school.

While I did find Sophie mildly annoying, James made up for her faults. While his character is very generic in that I have seen him in many books before, I can’t help but fall for the gorgeous hero. I can see why Sophie falls for him, though I still can’t quite understand why she tries to allude him. He is so obviously in love with Sophie and a great guy for putting up with her. I wish the real world was like YA romance books in that there are tons of gorgeous, amazing, cute, and sweet guys out there waiting to sweep all of us girls off of our feet.

I liked a majority of the supporting characters, especially Violet. She lives in the 21st century yet she still acts like she is from many generations ago. She is too funny in the way she talks and how she interacts with boys. I laughed at her addiction to gossip magazines. The other supporting characters weren’t as fleshed out, though there wasn’t much that needed to be said about them. The villain in Vampire Crush is especially cheesy and very annoying. A bug that I really wanted to squash throughout the entire book because he was just so creepy and disgusting.

While there were a few flaws with the book, I still enjoyed reading it. A good book to read when you’ve picked through most of the YA section like me. It isn’t horrible, it just wasn’t the best book that I have ever read. If you are into vampires, you would probably enjoy this.

My Rating:

4 Stars

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