Feb 4, 2011

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Review: Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan

 Review: Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan

From Goodreads:
Nastasya has spent the last century living as a spoiled, drugged-out party girl. She feels nothing and cares for no one. But when she witnesses her best friend, a Dark Immortal, torture a human, she realizes something’s got to change. She seeks refuge at a rehab for wayward immortals, where she meets the gorgeous, undeniably sexy Reyn, who seems inexplicably linked to her past.

Nastasya finally begins to deal with life, and even feels safe–until the night she learns that someone wants her dead.

Cate Tiernan, author of the popular Sweep series, returns with an engaging story of a timeless struggle and inescapable romance, the first book in a stunning new fantasy trilogy.

My Review:
I am a huge fan of Cate Tiernan’s Sweep series so when I found out that she had a brand new trilogy coming out, I was so excited! Even though it took me awhile to finally get to reading Immortal Beloved, when I started I was immediately entranced with this fantastic new world. The plot is refreshing and I adored the group of immortals at River’s Edge who took Nastasya in during her time of need. I am eager for the next installment in this bewitching story.

Nastasya is a very conflicted 400 plus year old immortal who is in need of a change in her life. She has lived hundreds of years without feeling emotions and she was fine with that way of living until her best friend critically injures an innocent man. Nastasya is disgusted and flees her dangerous friends for refuge in an immortal rehab. There Nastasya finds out much about herself and her heritage. She learns that magick can be used for good and that she doesn’t have to have the terrible side-effects when using it. Nastasya makes new friends, immortal and human alike, who give her a new meaning in life. Nastasya also makes an enemy during her stay that makes life anything but easy for her. Nastasya grows tremendously in Immortal Beloved and am excited to see where the sequel will take her.

Reyn aka Viking god, is an enigma. He is a very tortured, brooding man whom Nastasya can’t seem to figure out. He is a total jerk to Nastasya yet she can’t help but want this gorgeous, tortured hunk of a man. I never got any good insight into Reyn until the end of the book and I wish there would have been more of him in here. I can see why the author didn’t do much with Reyn at first though, in order for the reader to get a better understanding of Nastasya. Tiernan doesn’t rely on the romance to carry the story and I applaud her for that. I do love romance in my books and while it was very subtle in Immortal Beloved, there was just enough to whet my appetite! I expect that Reyn will be a much more prominent part of the sequel and I can’t wait to get more insight into him! He has some very surprising secrets revealed in the book!

Immortal Beloved was a dark and conflicting story about a dark immortal who wants to change. I adored this book and I am very excited for the sequel. Immortal Beloved ends at the perfect point and I can’t wait to find out more about Nastasya and Reyn. Definitely pick up this book if you can!

My Rating:

5 Stars

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    I loved this book too! I can't wait until the second book!

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    Awesome review!

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