Apr 11, 2011

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RT Teen Day Recap

RT Teen Day was a blast! I had so much fun talking to all of the authors and interacting with them one on one. The people in charge of setting up RT Teen Day did a fantastic job and I could tell that everyone was enjoying themselves. I am soo exhausted just from Saturday, as it was non-stop action for me from 9:00 am-8:30 pm but the tiredness and sore shoulders was so worth it! I am already planning on going to Chicago for next year’s RT Teen Day.

 RT Teen Day Recap

At 9:00 my mom got in line to get my books stamped so they wouldn’t be mistaken for books we would buy once we got into the event. I stood in line to get my badge and met some really awesome ladies who were just as excited as I was! I got to meet Barbara Vey, a contributing editor for publishers weekly and she asked a few of us which authors we were excited to see. She was really nice and wrote down the looong list of authors we all loved and couldn’t wait to meet! Once we got our badges, I went to wait in line for the book fair. Since I was one of the VIPs, I got to go in, with about seven other people, 15 minutes earlier!

 RT Teen Day Recap

When I got into the room, I high-tailed it to Cassandra Clare. I knew that she would be the busiest so I wanted to get to her before she got crazy! She was so sweet and talked to me a little bit about The City of Bones movie. She told me that all the guys who were in the line-up for Jace’s part were super hot and that anyone of them would be perfect, which gave me hope! I am really upset about the Peeta and Gale castings so that made my day! After talking to Cassandra Clare, I went to Ally Carter, who is also a fellow Okie, and we chatted a bit as she signed! She is soo funny and nice! By this point, the doors were getting ready to open to the public so I quickly started going around to all the other authors. Sophie Jordan and I got to chat for awhile and I really enjoyed it! We met up in September here in Phoenix and we didn’t get a chance to really chat, so I was happy when I had enough time to start a conversation.

 RT Teen Day RecapThen the doors opened and it was MADNESS. The row where the teen authors were started getting really packed and I started rushing around to get all of my books signed. I got the chance to meet C.C. Hunter, who appeared on my blog a week ago. She is awesome and she really appreciates bloggers. I really don’t remember much after that because it was crazy by this time but I got to meet all the authors there and they were all so nice and signed my load of books. Sarah Rees Brennan gave me an ARC of Enthralled after she learned I had gone to Smart Chicks and then I went back around to all the other authors to get the anthology signed by the Smart Chicks authors that were there. At one point, these two really cute buys came up to me and told me about The Survivors by Amanda Havard. It was a great marketing strategy and it got me over to her table to buy The Survivors. One of them happens to be a warbler from Glee. =)

 RT Teen Day Recap
After the book fair, my mom and I dropped all of the books off in the hotel room and then went to the Author Speed Dating. That was a ton of fun. There were about 10 authors there and every 5 minutes, they rotated tables. Richelle Mead was the first author at our table and she had some cool stories and asked all of us about our favorite books. After Richelle Mead switched tables, it is all kind of a blur. I know I had some pretty cool conversations with all of the authors and all of them were awesome! It went by so fast and I had a great time. I do remember that I asked Rachel Vincent if she would write another story from Todd’s point of view, and she said it was a real possibility! Jennifer Lynn Barnes told us a hilarious story of her time on monkey island (she seriously was on an island with 1000 monkey’s).

 RT Teen Day Recap

Next was the Author Speed Reading. My favorite was Sarah Rees Brennan. She is HILARIOUS. Seriously. Every time she opened her mouth, I laughed. After we had finished the Speed Reading early, we had some question and answer time. When asked if she based any of her characters off someone she knows, she replied that yes, Jamie the wimpy and cowardly guy was based off of her brother. When she told him a character was based off of him in her book, he read it and “knew”
 it was Nick, the bad boy who is a demon slayer. She replied that no, it was actually Jamie, which really disappointed and shocked him. Apparently he doesn’t see himself in that light. icon wink RT Teen Day Recap So now she says whenever she is writing a scene with Jamie in it and she leaves it up on the computer when she leaves the room, when she comes back one of the characters has commented on how buff Jamie is looking and asks if he has been working out. It was so much better to hear it come from her mouth because she has this sarcastic way of saying things that gives me tears in my eyes I laugh so hard!

 RT Teen Day Recap

ARCs signed: Sweet Venom, Vanish, and Trial by Fire. =) Lauren (365 Days of Reading) and I had a great time chatting at the party and after. It was great to finally meet her!

 RT Teen Day Recap

Teen Day was a blast and I had a great time! Hopefully I will be able to go next year because it was tons of fun! Above and to the left, you can witness the huge amount of books I got at the party. The books on top of the pink box and in the pink box are for giveaways at a later date! icon wink RT Teen Day Recap

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  1. C.C. Hunter says:

    Hi Bailey,

    It was a pleasure meeting you as well.


  2. Lauren M says:

    You got some great photos! I was too overwhelmed by the crowd to take too many. :P
    But yay! It was so great meeting you! :)

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