Jun 14, 2011

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ALA Blogger Meet-up

ALA ALA Blogger Meet up

The bloggers that are attending ALA 2011 will be meeting up after the Saturday, the 25th conference. Everyone is welcome to join, we just need a head count.

When: Saturday, June 25th
Where: Acme Oyster House
When: 5:30 pm

If you are joining us you are more than welcome to post this on your own blog. I know we all have different followers depending on genre and friends. It would fun to meet as many as possible and maybe take over Acme.

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  1. SUPER JEALOUS of everyone going to ALA, have an amazing time! Can't wait to see pics and hear all about it:) Yes, that was a not-so-subtle hint to take pictures and share them when you get back;)

  2. LOL Jenny! I will definitely take pics and share them! =D

  3. Lauren M says:

    Woo-hoo! I hope you have an AMAZING time at ALA, Bailey! :)

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