Jun 15, 2011

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Waiting on Wednesday (31)

Desire Waiting on Wednesday (31)
August 9, 2011

From Goodreads:
Haven Moore and Iain Morrow have been living a blissful life in Rome, an ocean way from the Ouroboros Society and its diabolical leader. But paradise is not to last. The mysterious disappearance of Haven’s best friend, Beau, sends the pair running back to New York, where they encounter the Horae, an underground group of women who have spent centuries scheming to destroy Adam Rosier. Only they can help Haven uncover the secret to Beau’s whereabouts in one of her past lives. But their help comes at a price: Haven must infiltrate the Ouroboros Society, charm Adam Rosier, and lure him into a trap. It’s a plan the Horae believe will save the world-but Haven and Iain fear that it may destroy the happiness they’ve been chasing for two thousand years.

Why I’m Excited:

I read and LOVED The Eternal Ones so I can’t wait for the next installment!

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  1. I've not read The Eternal Ones yet but this books sounds really exciting!

  2. YES! Awesome choice Bailey! I enjoyed the Eternal Ones as well and I can't wait to get to this one and see what's in store for Haven and Iain. From the blurb, it sounds like things get very complex in this one, so excited!

  3. I loved The Eternal Ones too. I can't wait for the author's next!

  4. Lauren M says:

    Yay! I loved The Eternal Ones, too–I'm excited to see where this sequel will take Haven and Iain! (But nooo, Beau goes missing? He was like my favorite character!)

  5. DJ's Life in Fiction says:

    OOoh! I can't wait for this one either! I really loved The Eternal Ones and I'm eager to see what's in store next for Haven and Iain.

  6. I still haven't read The Eternal Ones but I'm loving the cover for this sequel. Great pick, thanks for sharing!

  7. Jennifer A says:

    I still need to read the first one! I really like the way the books have the same little circle thing that ties them together.

    Super cute blog! :)

  8. Midnight Bloom says:

    When I finished reading The Eternal Ones, I'd been hoping there would be a sequel so I was glad to hear that there would be one. I'm looking forward to All You Desire as well and I hope it will be better than the first one. :)

  9. Christina Reads YA says:

    I'm currently still reading the Eternal Ones, though I've got to say, this cover is absolutely gorgeous! I like it so much more than that of the Eternal Ones! Ahhh, definitely adding to my to-read pile :) .

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