Aug 18, 2011

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Review: Vanish by Sophie Jordan

Vanish Review: Vanish by Sophie Jordan
September 6, 2011

To save the life of the boy she loves, Jacinda did the unthinkable: She betrayed the most closely-guarded secret of her kind. Now she must return to the protection of her pride knowing she might never see Will again—and worse, that because his mind has been shaded, Will’s memories of that fateful night and why she had to flee are gone.

Back home, Jacinda is greeted with hostility and must work to prove her loyalty for both her sake and her family’s. Among the few who will even talk to her are Cassian, the pride’s heir apparent who has always wanted her, and her sister, Tamra, who has been forever changed by a twist of fate. Jacinda knows that she should forget Will and move on—that if he managed to remember and keep his promise to find her, it would only endanger them both. Yet she clings to the hope that someday they will be together again. When the chance arrives to follow her heart, will she risk everything for love?

In bestselling author Sophie Jordan’s dramatic follow-up to Firelight, forbidden love burns brighter than ever.

My Review:
FIRELIGHT was one of my favorite YA reads from 2010 so you know that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on its sequel, VANISH. I was nervous that it wouldn’t live up to the awesomeness of FIRELIGHT, but let me tell you that it way exceeded my expectations. Jacinda is back and still kicking butt, even when she is down. We also get to see more of Cassian in VANISH and he definitely rivals my affections for Will!! If you were a fan of FIRELIGHT, Vanish will not disappoint!

Jacinda is one of my favorite heroines in YA. She is a tough and strong girl who isn’t afraid to get her true feelings across, but she still has her moments where she shows her vulnerability. I was a bit frustrated with her for being a bit harsh towards Cassian. He basically saved her and yet she still brushes him off? I get that she is still in love with Will, but she could have let herself show more affection towards Cassian.

Cassian has a much bigger role in VANISH, which I was so excited about. He is definitely in the running for Jacinda’s love, even if she acts like he isn’t. Who could resist his charms and his devotion? It doesn’t help that he is a draki hunk who is there for Jacinda when she needs him, even when she probably doesn’t deserve his help.

Will fans should not be upset about Cassian’s involvement in VANISH. He still plays a pivitol role in Jacinda’s life and she will not forget about or stop loving him. Some very, very interesting things about Will are revealed in VANISH and I need answers now!! But I guess I will just have to wait for the next book for more of Will, sadly.

Fair warning to those out there who plan to read VANISH: It made me so emotional that it was a bit hard to read during the school day. I would make sure when starting VANISH that you have the whole day to yourself so you can be able to express your emotions without getting weird looks from others. icon wink Review: Vanish by Sophie Jordan

My Rating:

5 Review: Vanish by Sophie Jordan

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  1. Great review! I really enjoyed Firelight. I'm glad to hear that there is more of Cassian in Vanish since I loved him in Firelight. I can't wait to read this one :)

  2. Nic @ Irresistible Reads says:

    Great review! I am excited to read Vanish especially since Cassian is in it more! He is definitely my favourite character :)

  3. Little_Dhampir91 says:

    Great review! I enjoyed Firelight, so I can't wait to read its sequel! The cover is gorgeous!

  4. I loved this one too Bailey! Jacinda frustrated me a bit with her treatment of Cassian as well, but I still really like her:) Cassian made a solid play for my heart in this one too, he was nearly impossible not to fall a little in love with:) I need book three asap!

  5. Chapter Chicks says:

    Reading your review gave me the shivers! I can't wait for this book and I'm glad to hear it lives up to the Firelight legacy!


  6. Mel (He Followed Me Home) says:

    YAY for loving it, I can feel your enthusiasm from that review! I'm always nervous after loving the previous book too, glad to know this one is full of awesome too :D

  7. Great review! I loved this book and can't wait to see Sophie so I can bug her about what is going to happen in book 3!

  8. Still need to read this series! I'm completely intrigued by the dragon concept. Also, thanks for the warning!

  9. I wasn't a fan of Cassian in Firelight, but I'm curious to see what he's like in Vanish! I guess we get to know him better, which is nice. :) Great review, Bailey! Glad Vanish lived up to Firelight.

  10. Bookish Brunette says:

    EPIC WIN!!! I'm going to review this one closer to it's release date!!!

  11. Awesome review! I have been waiting for this to come out. Now after reading your review, I am dying to read it. I hate waiting!!

  12. *slaps self* I haven't read book one yet, but perhaps that is a good thing. Then I can try these back to back. Can't wait to meet Cassian!

  13. J.J. Bonds says:

    I can't wait to read Vanish and see a little more of Cassian! Will was great, but I kind of felt Cassian didn't get a fair shake in the first book. And I'm so glad to hear Vanish doesn't suffer from disappointing second book syndrome!

  14. lol! So glad Caspian had a bigger role in Vanish. It made me love him more! And The ending!? OMG i'm so scared for them! Can't wait 4 book 3…even though i have this gut feeling something bad is gonna happen.

  15. I can't WAIT to read this one! I was hoping for an ARC but it's looking like I'll have to wait for the release. But if it has a tough ending then maybe that's better so the wait isn't as long for the next one. So glad you loved it!

  16. Lily Child says:

    I really need to read Firelight in anticipation for Vanish! Awesome review! :)

  17. Small Review says:

    I wanted her to be nicer to Cassian, too. But that's probably because I've got a huge book boyfriend crush on him :)

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