Oct 16, 2011

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So I decided to do another IMM vlog this week. =) And I will add in the list of what I got later but right now, I am too lazy to do that. =P

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  1. Loretta @ Between The Pages says:

    Great video blog Bailey!! Ia m glad you did one again!! :) I've missed your face!
    You got A LOT of great books. I really want to read Cinder!!!! :( LOL
    But, I did get a very special email.. that said they was sending me… HALLOWED! ;) I love Harper!! LOL
    Well, here is MY IMM this week:

    Happy Reading! Have a great Weekend!

  2. paigebradish says:

    I hope you enjoy all of your books especially Cinder i can't wait to read that!! Come check out my IMM!!


  3. Ahh, a promise for an ARC of The Archived! That is SO cool! :)
    Great books this week, Bailey; hope you enjoy them all!

  4. Kailia Sage says:

    You get The Archived??? So awesome! McMillan sent a lot of great books!Bunheads looks good too!

  5. I didn't like Carrier of the Mark either! :/ your the first that shares the same opinion as me! SO lucky I really want Cinder, hope you enjoy! ;)

    My IMM, http://bookmigik.blogspot.com/

  6. Vy (Vy's Blog) says:

    Cinder! I've heard a lot of really awesome things about it and it's definetly going onto my TBR list. LOVE the cover!

    Yay! Glad you got my book! And just a little heads up that my name is pronounced just like the letter "V". :D

  7. Oh my, you're so cute~ It looks like you received an amazing mailbox! I've been wanting to read a lot of those books, or own them as physical copies~ Thank you so much for sharing, and happy reading!

    Demi @ Only Somewhat Queer

  8. Megan @Reading Away The Days says:

    Great video vlog you should def keep doing them. I want to read Carrier of the mark but now am not sure LOL I have heard some mixed reviews of it. I love the cover of the near witch.

    Happy Reading!

    My IMM: http://readingawaythedays.blogspot.com/2011/10/imm-19.html

  9. Ha! Yes! Give us your bad books. LOL

    So awesome that you got a signed copy of Vanished to replace your torn one. You have good book friends. I was at the Austin Teen Book Fest. It was amazing.

    Happy Reading, B!

  10. Mary @ BookSwarm says:

    Wow–what an amazing pile of books this week! LOVE! I can't wait to read Cinder and Bunheads looks adorable (great cover). Happy reading!

  11. AH! The Archived?! You are so lucky :P
    Cinder sounds pretty good too. Happy reading, Bailey!

  12. Natalia Belikov @ DazzlingReads says:

    Hello!! you got amazing stuff! omg!! Lve your video and your blog! sooo pretty ^_^
    btw, new follower here so nice to meet you my dear =)

    My IMM this week:

    And check out my awesome giveaway! three winners and 12 different books from where you can choose ^__^

    take care and happy readiiiiiiiing ^_^

  13. Grace Fonseca says:

    You got some awesome books. Come check out my IMM mailbox.

  14. Awesome books!!! Loved Bunheads! I hope you enoy that book!

  15. The Book Barbie says:

    Yay! Thank you Bailey for doing the vlog IMM :)

  16. Janus Vielle Aragones says:

    Awesome books! I'm so jealous that you have Hallowed! I loved Unearthly so I'm really looking forward to that.

    Happy reading!

    Here's mine: The Blair Book Project IMM

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