Nov 4, 2011

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Review: The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton

Faerie Review: The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton
September 27, 2011
Tor Teen

The year is 1871, and Tiki has been making a home for herself and her family of orphans in a deserted hideaway adjoining Charing Cross Station in central London. Their only means of survival is by picking pockets. One December night, Tiki steals a ring, and sets off a chain of events that could lead to all-out war with the Fey. For the ring belongs to Queen Victoria, and it binds the rulers of England and the realm of Faerie to peace. With the ring missing, a rebel group of faeries hopes to break the treaty with dark magic and blood—Tiki’s blood.
Unbeknownst to Tiki, she is being watched—and protected—by Rieker, a fellow thief who suspects she is involved in the disappearance of the ring. Rieker has secrets of his own, and Tiki is not all that she appears to be. Her very existence haunts Prince Leopold, the Queen’s son, who is driven to know more about the mysterious mark that encircles her wrist.
Prince, pauper, and thief—all must work together to secure the treaty…

My Review:
Hamilton has conceived a highly addictive YA novel that will leave you wanting more. The dynamics of the story are fascinating and kept me glued to the pages. The faeries that Hamilton has imagined are not your average nice, sweet faeries–they are mysterious and lethal. I know one thing, I wouldn’t want to stumble upon any of this world’s faeries!

Tiki has had more than her fair share of challenges in life. Her parents died and she was sent to live with her aunt and uncle. Her uncle was a horrible human being who scared Tiki enough that she escaped into the night and became an orphan. Her fellow orphans Shamus, Fiona, Tooks, and Clara are her true family and she will do anything for them.

I just loved the relationship Tiki had with her makeshift family. They are master pickpocketers and work well together to survive on their own. I don’t know how they did what they did, but I sure give them props! I would never be able to survive like that!

The whole mystery surrounding the ring was crazy! To think that such a ring could mean so much for the entire London population. Tiki sure causes a lot of problems when she snatches it. The extra attention she gets from Rieker may appear to bother her at first, but I could tell that she didn’t hate it. There is some definite chemistry between these two!

I enjoyed every moment that I spent reading THE FAERIE RING. It is original and the writing is amazing! I will be looking forward to more novels from Hamilton!

My Rating:

5 Review: The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton

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  1. Great review! I've been considering picking this one up for awhile and I think I've finally decided to just get it, it sounds really good.

  2. Awesome review, Bailey! This one is waiting for me on my bookshelf. I really need to get started on it :)

  3. I agree that the relationship between Tiki and her family was adorable! I loved how real it was. The Faerie Ring was such a great book! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. :)

  4. So glad you liked this one! I do like a good mystery. Can't wait to read it! =)

  5. A Canadian Girl says:

    Not all books have a strong emphasis on family so I really like that aspect in The Faerie Ring, especially because Tiki's family is one that's created.

  6. Mary @ BookSwarm says:

    This was a great debut, wasn't it? I loved her little family, how she was so concerned over her little "sister" — they were such a priority in her life. Excellent book.

  7. JessiKay89 says:

    I like the sounds of this one! I have yet to read it, but I am looking forward to getting my hands on a copy! :)

  8. LoriStrongin says:

    LOVED this book! Ditto that my favorite part was Tiki's family of street urchins. I loved the characters in this book and how Kiki wove in the fairy tale/myth elements into the world building of the novel.


  9. Loved this book! I like the whole pic-pocketing thing. So much different from other books. Loved the review!

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