Dec 9, 2011

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Review: Winging It by Deborah Cooke

Wing Review: Winging It by Deborah Cooke
December 6, 2011
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Zoë Sorensson yearns to come into her powers as the only female dragon shifter. But being part of two worlds is more complicated than she expected. It’s bad enough that she’s the target of the Mages’ plan to eliminate all shifters—she also has to hide her true nature from her best friend Megan, a human. For her sixteenth birthday, all Zoë wants is one normal day, including a tattoo and a chance to see hot rocker Jared.

Instead, the Pyr throw her a birthday party but ban Megan from attendance, putting Zoë in a tight spot. Things get even worse when Zoe is invited to the popular kids’ Halloween party and Megan’s left out. Zoë knows the party is a trap laid by the host, an apprentice Mage. When Megan gets a last-minute invite, Zoë must save the day—and her best friend—without revealing her fire-breathing secrets . . .

My Review:
WINGING IT is an exciting and fast-paced follow-up to its predecessor FLYING BLIND. Zoe is back with a vengeance and determined to fulfill her role as Wyvern. Of course, it isn’t that easy when all of her powers haven’t manifested and she has drama at home with her parents. If you loved FLYING BLIND, you are sure in for a good time with WINGING IT.

Zoe is so honest and real. She may be one of the Pyr and a Wyvern to boot, but she still has the same problems every teenage girl does. Jared is very hot and cold and she has no idea what to do about him! Oh, and there’s this new guy Derek who may have a thing for her and a secret of his own. Her friendship with Meagan is way rocky and she doesn’t know what to do! On top of all of this, she has to deal with the Mages who may have signed a peace contract with the Pyr, but definitely don’t plan to honor it no matter what the adult Pyr may think.

I cannot get over how much I love this series. It is so exciting and action packed, and yet somehow I can still relate to everything with all the teenage drama involved. Zoe is a wonderful protagonist whose honesty shines through. The Pyr and their abilities are awesome! Every time I dive into this series, I become mesmerized and I cannot escape until the very last page.

The only problem I had with WINGING IT is Zoe’s “best friend” Meagan. She is so annoying and I cannot help but wish that she would just go away, or that Zoe would drop her on her behind. She constantly bugs Zoe and says she isn’t her real friend just because she keeps a few things from her. I’m sorry, but that is not cool. I don’t care how close you are to someone, it should still be okay for you to keep quiet about some things, especially in Zoe’s case.

Besides Meagan, I highly enjoyed myself with this one! Full of drama, romance, and startling revelations, WINGING IT is sure to entrance you!

My Rating:

5 Review: Winging It by Deborah Cooke

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  1. LoriStrongin says:

    I haven't read either book in this series yet, but it sounds cute! It sounds like an interesting mix of the fantasy and the modern life of a regular teen. I love that crossover element (so long as it's written well!).


  2. Lisa (BaffledBooks) says:

    I haven't read either book either (lol) yet but you've made me want to now! *runns off to add to the wishlist of awesome* I hate when there is a whiny bff character, they should all just disappear. I loooove anything fantastical so the crossover sounds great! L xoxo

  3. Marta Coke Smile says:

    I haven't read this saga yet but after reading your review I will dfintly start soon. I love the cover and I need somthing with fast pace for this XMAs

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