Dec 28, 2011

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Top Ten of 2011

Hey guys! I’ve been seeing bloggers top ten books of 2011 pop up so I decided to join them and share with you my ten favorite books of 2011. It was incredibly hard to narrow down the list since 2011 has been an awesome year of YA book!! I’m not going to list these books in any particular order because I honestly don’t think I could rank the awesomeness of these books. icon wink Top Ten of 2011 Well, let’s get started!

Mara Top Ten of 2011

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Words cannot describe my utter and undying love for this book. The characters come to life off the pages and I feel like I know the infamous Mara Dyer. I would definitely love to be in her place, if only for Noah. icon wink Top Ten of 2011 If you haven’t read this book, you are so missing out!

Lola Top Ten of 2011Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
Oh, Stephanie, how you know how to draw readers in with your stories! I love love love everything about this book: the cover, the characters (ahem, Cricket), and the enchanting story line. If only this wasn’t a standalone! I need more!!
Divergent Top Ten of 2011
Divergent by Veronica Roth
Dystopians have been popping up all over the place this year, but Divergent is one of my favorites! Full of action, excitement, and budding romance, it is the perfect YA read! And of course, there is Four. *sigh*
En Top Ten of 2011
Enclave by Ann Aguirre 
Yet another wonderful dystopian of 2011! This is one of the darker dystopians that I read this year, but it still comes out as one of my favorites. Everything comes to life and I cannot get over this one still!!!!!
Every Top Ten of 2011
Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
One of the few straggler YAs of 2011, Every Other Day may barely be a 2011 release but it still makes my Top Ten list!! I love each and everything about this novel and I am amazed at all of the lore that Barnes included.
Shift Top Ten of 2011
Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready
The sequel to Shade, Shift packs quite a punch! This is one of my favorite follow ups to a first book in a series. I find that book two is usually much slower than book one and I was pleasantly surprised but what Smith-Ready doled out!! Aura, Zach, and Logan are some of my favorite characters in YA.
Hourglass Top Ten of 2011
Hourglass by Myra McEntire
Unlike any YA novel I have read before, Hourglass sure is one of my favorites! I wasn’t expecting anything in this book and the love triangle that blossomed is a toughie! I am so glad I took a chance on this one.
Touch Top Ten of 2011
Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep
Everything that Estep writes is beyond amazing so it is no surprise that it is in my Top Ten. Full of fascinating mythology and hot guys galore, Touch of Frost is awesome!! I am going to have to include Kiss of Frost, the sequel along with this one since they are one and the same for me. =) Love this series!
C Top Ten of 2011
Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally
My thoughts after finishing this one were not at all complete. I was stunned by the sheer amazingness of this one! I was expecting your average contemporary novel, but what I got was so much more than that. Jordan is one of my favorite heroines and the guys in this one are scrumptious! I love this one sooooooo much!

Shattered Top Ten of 2011

Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey

Last but certainly not least is Shattered Souls!!!! You have just got to read this if you haven’t. All I really want to do is hug and cuddle this book to death!! The cover is beyond gorgeous and the storyline is haunting and compelling. There’s also a super cute dog (and guy of course)!

IBBook sig Top Ten of 2011
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  1. Fabulous list, Bailey! I agree with the ones that I've read. For the ones that I haven't read… It looks like I have to add a few books in my cart on Amazon! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Awesome list Bailey! Those are definitely some of my favorites as well. Catching Jordan was just such a surprise for me, I didn't expect to love that one as much as I did. And Mara just blew me away, I need more Noah right this minute:) I've heard the second book is darker and sexier. What? Best. News. Ever.

  3. I still need to read Catching Jordan and Shift, but otherwise I agree! Mara Dyer, Hourglass…I loved those books! :)

  4. A Canadian Girl says:

    I've only read Divergent (loved) and Touch of Frost and Catching Jordan (both of which I really liked). I still need to read the others though and from your list I'm most excited about Lola.

  5. Alyssa Kirk says:

    I especially loved Divergent. Great list!

  6. Alison Can Read says:

    I loved Lola too! I really need to read Mara Dyer and Shift. On my list. I quite liked Shattered Souls as well.

  7. BURIED IN BOOKS says:

    Would you believe I have not read Mara Dyer yet? I'm waiting for a really bad book slump because I know how awesome it is. I really liked Shattered Souls a lot more than I thought I was going to, a lot more.(my review goes up tomorrow)

    Totally love Shift, Touch of Frost, Divergent those are the only others I've read. Looks like I need to catch up. I know I need to read Catching Jordan. Too many good reviews to miss that one!

    Great picks!


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