Feb 14, 2012

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Article 5 Tour: Character Interview with Ember

article5banner Article 5 Tour: Character Interview with Ember

Today Ember from Article 5 is stopping by for an interview.

You and Chase were close childhood friends.  What is your favorite memory of Chase before he became a solider?

Oh, um…there were a lot of good memories. Good ones, and some really good ones. This one time he packed this whole lunch with stuff from the soup kitchen and took me out to the state part on his motorcycle. We didn’t have a car, and I hadn’t been farther than walking distance in a long time, and I’d forgotten there were places still like that. That hadn’t been beaten down by the War. Anyway, we went out there and he took me to this place he used to go to with his parents when he was little. This cliff, overlooking the park. The leaves were changing, and the sun was out and everything seemed alive, you know? We sat there all day. Talking. Not talking. Watching the clouds. Laughing about stupid stuff. And then we played Truth or Dare and…things changed with us.

I know you got persecuted for Article 5 of the moral Statures.  Other than Article 5, which article of the Moral Statures is in your opinion the most ridicules?

The most ridiculous? That’s a tough one. They’re all ridiculous. But I guess if I had to choose I’d say Article 4 – the one about observing traditional male and female roles. Men have to serve the FBR if drafted. Women have to dress a certain way, and talk a certain way, and BE a certain way. I hate it.

It’s the one that took Chase away.

I hear you and your mom got separated after she was arrested.  If you had a chance to see your mom again, what would you say to her?

Easy: Run. Keep running and don’t stop.

You got sent to a harsh reformatory after your mom was arrested.  How were you able to deal with your time there?  I hear it was an awful environment.

Awful. Yeah. It was pretty bad. I’ve got the scars to prove it. The only way I got through was to dedicate every waking moment to plotting my escape. I gathered things when I could – food that would last, extra clothes, stuff like that. I made a mental map of the facility. I had to be ready, you know? The chance to run could come at any time. And to pass the time until it did, I had my roommate. We were friends. At least, I thought so. I doubt she does anymore…

What are three words that describe the current system of government?  What about Chase?

Just three words for the government? I’ve got about a million – and not one of them would the Moral Statutes deem appropriate for a lady to say. How about these: tyrannical, deceitful, and dangerous.

Chase…that’s harder. Um…I don’t know. Is he going to read this? Not that I care. I mean, he probably wouldn’t care what I said anyway. It’s just three little words, right?

How about: I miss you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Ah! I love this interview! I loved Article 5 and cannot wait for the second book! Thank you for sharing!

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