May 29, 2012

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Look Out BEA, Here I Come!

BEA Look Out BEA, Here I Come!
Hello to all my wonderful readers! icon smile Look Out BEA, Here I Come! So as the post title says, I’m going to BEA! I never in a million years thought I would have the opportunity to go to NYC for this, so you can imagine my excitement when my mom told me we would be going as my graduation present! What with my IB tests and my very recent move, things have been hectic so it will be great to get immersed into my world of books again.

So for those of you bloggers and authors that are going, I can’t wait to meet you! icon smile Look Out BEA, Here I Come! Please do come up and introduce yourself if you recognize me. I have a picture in the about me page if you want to check it out. icon smile Look Out BEA, Here I Come! The only change is that I have bangs and may or may not have curly hair depending on whether or not I want to go to the trouble of having it straightened that day. icon wink Look Out BEA, Here I Come! I feel like I’m rambling now but it’s only because I can’t contain my excitement to see old and new faces!

BEA is going to rock! If you are going, let me know in the comments. icon smile Look Out BEA, Here I Come! Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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  1. Awesome news. I’ll be going as well to BEA too. I live in NYC, so it’s kind of a no-brainer for me to go. I’m so glad that we will finally meet face to face. There are so many people I want to meet. You being one of them.


  2. I’ll be there! :) I read your blog all of the time so I’ll definitely come up and say hi!

  3. YEAH BAILEY!!!!! So excited to meet you! I can hardly wait for next week, I’m having trouble getting my work done because I just want to go. SEE YOU ON MONDAY!

  4. Awesome graduation present! Hope to see you there!

  5. Yay! You will have a blast! Hope to see ya in the lines:)

  6. Awesome! So glad you’re making it! I hope we’ll be able to meet!

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