Jun 29, 2012

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ALA 2012 Anaheim Recap

TaherehandMe 300x223 ALA 2012 Anaheim RecapHey everyone! Since ALA was only a six hour drive from my home this year, I was lucky enough to be able to attend thanks to my lovely mom! This was my third time attending and it might have been the best yet.

KamiandMe 223x300 ALA 2012 Anaheim RecapThe best part about ALA being in Anaheim this year? Disneyland! I got to go the day before ALA and I had the best time ever! Space Mountain is probably my favorite ride. It’s one of the few roller coasters I can ride and not get motion sickness on. icon smile ALA 2012 Anaheim Recap Also, I love having an excuse to eat all the yummy food. Cotton candy and churros are my weaknesses. icon wink ALA 2012 Anaheim Recap

Friday night was when the craziness started. My mom and I got there before the doors opened and got to talk to other bloggers that I’ve had the chance to meet through these conferences. Nancy from The Ravenous Reader usually shows up around the time that my mom and I do at these things and it was nice to chat with her again. icon smile ALA 2012 Anaheim Recap She’s so much fun! And then there is Erin whom I met at ALA MW. She runs a ton of fan sites and recently opened Fangirlish. I love her to pieces!LeighandMe 223x300 ALA 2012 Anaheim Recap

Now, before ALA I talked to Stacey Jay on twitter and she said that the first two people to seek her out at ALA would get one of her copies of Romeo Redeemed. I was lucky enough to be the first and I got to chat with her while she signed it. icon smile ALA 2012 Anaheim Recap She is seriously one of the nicest authors out there and sure knows how to dress. She’s adorable!

When the doors opened, it was a little overwhelming for the first 10 minutes or so, but after that it was pure fun. I got to meet other bloggers as they were wondering the aisles and even talk to a few sweet librarians in line. icon smile ALA 2012 Anaheim Recap This was basically my whole weekend, with a little standing in line for author signings in between.

MirandaandMe 223x300 ALA 2012 Anaheim RecapMy favorite experience would probably be meeting Miranda Kenneally for the first time. I absolutely adore Catching Jordan and that was the only book I brought from home for her to sign. I also got Stealing Parker! You have no idea how excited I am to read this one. She’s a genius at characterization. And did I mention how fun she is to talk to? I am so glad that I finally got to meet her. icon smile ALA 2012 Anaheim Recap

Another favorite experience would have to be having publishers, bloggers, and a few librarians recognize me. It is still so surreal whenever someone says they know me from my blog and there will never be a time when I won’t be surprised that people actually know me! And it’s so great to see contacts that I’ve met at ALA before. I love reconnecting and talking to them about their favorite upcoming books.MarissaandMe 223x300 ALA 2012 Anaheim Recap

To all librarians and bloggers that went, I hope you had as much fun as I did! icon smile ALA 2012 Anaheim Recap

Sidenote: The drama that is taking place sucks but I hope it will go away soon. My favorite part about ALA is getting to meet the authors who I normally wouldn’t get to meet and I truly hope that changes can be implemented that make it a better conference for librarians. I totally understand the anger and I just hope that we can all learn to be happy with each other and that bloggers as a whole will respect the conference in the future. It is a privilege as a blogger to be able to go, and I do understand that something needs to be done to make this a better experience for librarians because it is their conference. I am just so thankful that I have gotten to go three times and you librarians are the best! You are all so passionate about your career, and I respect you as a whole. Let’s remember the good experiences we have at ALA, not the bad. icon smile ALA 2012 Anaheim Recap

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  1. Wow! I am so jealous! It looks like so much fun! :)

    I’ve heard you mention your mom before. Is she another blogger?

    • Hi Holly! :) My mom is not a blogger but she supports my love of reading by taking me to events like these and helping me out. :) She’s awesome!

  2. You got Scarlet! I didn’t even know that ARC was out yet. Very cool. I’m incredibly jealous about all the authors you got to meet, but I’m happy it sounds like you made the most of your time there!

    • Hi Aylee! It was a great time. :) And Scarlet looks soooo good! I was shocked when I heard there would be ARCs there but I wasn’t complaining. ;) Teehee!
      ALA is so great because people can meet authors from all over the country. If you ever get a chance to go, I would highly recommend it!

  3. Hey I saw you in line for Leigh Bardugo! Question, what’s the beef about Librarians vs bloggers? I’m a librarian and a blogger, so I don’t have a side on this one. But I had no idea there was any drama.

    • Hi Perla! :) Oh, that’s so cool! I hope you loved Shadow and Bone!!

      As for the bloggers vs librarians drama, it started right after ALA and some librarians were upset at these bloggers who took A TON of books. It fueled drama on twitter and blog posts from both parties and got really out of hand. Its pretty much died down now, thank goodness. :)

  4. Thanks, but that sounds really dumb. Why are we getting mad about fans getting to meet their author heroes and getting ARC’s? It’s not easy doing either. I completely understand about being greedy at your first CON- evein if it’s ALA, it’s still a CON. And I totally loved Shadow and Bone, it was my entire reason for being there on Sunday. May be we’ll get to meet at some future event.

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