Oct 26, 2012

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Like, Try, Why

If you are a fan of Epic Reads and follow them on twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably already seen their Like, Try, Why features. If you haven’t, they’re basically made to recommend books to readers that are similar to other books they may have read and loved.

A while ago, I emailed wanting to sponsor a Like, Try, Why and this week, it is being featured by Epic Reads! How awesome is that?! Here is my very own Like, Try, Why:

Like Try Why 14 IBBookBlogging Like, Try, Why

If you want to find more of these Like, Try, Why’s, visit Epic Reads HERE.

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  1. braine talk.supe says:

    This is such a cool meme Bailey! Looking forward to more!

  2. randikins says:

    That’s awesome! :D Congrats on being featured!! Sadly, I have yet to read ANY of these books, though Obsidian is waiting on my shelf for me to be in the right mood for something a little outside my comfort zone. I’m still trying to get over the alien thing since that’s not usually my style…BUT I had to get a copy after hearing everyone rave about it! :)

  3. Okay, I’ve not seen this before but I really like it. I’m definitely going to get some of these books

  4. Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to check out Unraveling.

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