Nov 2, 2012

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Review: Fang Girl by Helen Keeble

review 300x69 Review: Fang Girl by Helen Keeble

 Review: Fang Girl by Helen KeebleFang Girl by Heather Keeble
September 11, 2012
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Things That Are Destroying Jane Greene’s Undead Social Life Before It Can Even Begin:

1) A twelve-year-old brother who’s convinced she’s a zombie.
2) Parents who are begging her to turn them into vampires.
3) The pet goldfish she accidentally turns instead.
4) Weird superpowers that let her rip the heads off of every other vampire she meets.(Sounds cool, but it doesn’t win you many friends.)
5) A pyschotic vampire creator who’s using her to carry out a plan for world domination.

And finally:
6) A seriously ripped vampire hunter who either wants to stake her or make out with her. Not sure which.

Being an undead, eternally pasty fifteen-year-old isn’t quite the sexy, brooding, angst-fest Jane always imagined….

Helen Keeble’s riotous debut novel combines the humor of Vladimir Tod with Ally Carter’s spot-on teen voice. With a one-of-a-kind vampire mythology and an irresistibly relatable undead heroine, this uproarious page-turner will leave readers bloodthirsty for more.

My Review:

FANG GIRL is one of those books that has the potential to be hilarious and memorable, but with too many ridiculous scenarios, it falls flat. The beginning starts out quirky and cute, but by the end I was just scratching my head in wonder at what I just read. I really wanted to love FANG GIRL, but I just didn’t. If you love novels that poke fun at the vampire books in YA, you may like this one, but be prepared for some pretty crazy scenes.

Jane is a sweet and hilarious heroine who I really liked at first. She has some really great one-liners and thoughts that got me giggling! However, by the middle of the book, it just got a bit old. She still had me giggling at some points, but as the plot points got more and more weird, she started to lose me.

The plot just ruined it all for me. The beginning was great in that it made fun of some points in vampire novels that drive me crazy! If only the book hadn’t started going downhill from there. I will say that I kinda loved the vampire goldfish. Who would think of that?! But I’m not sure what was happening by the end of the novel, but I was sadly glad that the book finally came to a close.

FANG GIRL had a lot of potential but unfortunately it got out of control. If you like stories that make fun of vampires though, you may enjoy this one because of the craziness of it all!

My Rating:

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  1. Ehh, yeah I find that funny books can either be a hit or a miss. So it’s too bad this one wasn’t for you – I’m not sure it would be my kind of book either.

  2. Yeah, this seems like a book that could be cute and funny but is actually just ridiculous.

  3. Eh. I hate when books go out of control. I’m not personally a fan of funny books, but I had high hopes for this one after I saw a couple of raving reviews. Thanks for the insight, Bailey!

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