Dec 13, 2012

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Review: Touching the Surface by Kimberly Sabatini

review 300x69 Review: Touching the Surface by Kimberly Sabatini

 Review: Touching the Surface by Kimberly SabatiniTouching the Surface by Kimberly Sabatini
October 30, 2012
Simon Pulse
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When Elliot finds herself dead for the third time, she knows she must have messed up, big-time. She doesn’t remember how she landed in the afterlife again, but she knows this is her last chance to get things right. Elliot just wants to move on, but first she will be forced to face her past and delve into the painful memories she’d rather keep buried. Memories of people she’s hurt, people she’s betrayed…and people she’s killed. As she pieces together the secrets and mistakes of her past, Elliot must find a way to earn the forgiveness of the person she’s hurt most, and reveal the truth about herself to the two boys she loves…even if it means losing them both forever.

My Review:

TOUCHING THE SURFACE is one of the most intense and beautiful novels that I’ve read in a long time. It is packed full of characters that will make your heart burst from love and heartache, and plot twists that will leave you stunned. I’m still so in awe of the raw beauty of this novel and the complex simplicity of it all. Look out YA world, Sabatini is an up and coming author who is sure to go far in her writer career if this book is any indication.

Elliot is a girl so full of regret and pain and self-loathing that it’s easy to feel for her. While she comes to the Obmil as a Third Timer and therefore unaware of her past life, everything hits her fast and unravels her world as she knows it. Elliot made a huge mistake in her most recent life that haunts her and greatly affects the way she sees herself. It takes the aid of sweet mesmerizing Oliver and angry, hurt Trevor to understand the power of forgiveness and love.

Without revealing too much, I just have to brag and gush about Trevor and Oliver. These two guys are total opposites and exactly what Elliot needs to help her heal and learn about herself. Trevor is just as messed up as Elliot and together these two explore themselves and what it means to live. Oliver is adorable and one of the most genuinely amazing guys I have ever read about. He is absolutely perfect for Elliot in a different way than Trevor. I wish I had an Oliver in my life!

Sabatini has crafted a gorgeous world where people go to learn from their pasts and hopefully fix them so they can be better in their next life. Honestly, TOUCHING THE SURFACE touched me so deeply that I had to stop to reflect on my life and choices and what happens after death. It takes an extremely powerful book to affect me that much that I connect it to my life at all. Whatever you do, do not pass on this book! It is one of the best that I have read in a long, long time.

TOUCHING THE SURFACE is sure to haunt readers long after reading the final line. It reveals some ugly yet beautiful things about life that will make you think. I am going to recommend this book to everyone I know and make sure all my closest friends read it. I need people to cry and laugh with me about it!

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  1. Wow, Bailey! I hadn’t heard much about this, and it’s been on my TBR pile for a while, but I kept putting other books in front of it. I’ll definitely check this out. I love books that make to stop and ponder long after they’re finished.

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