Jan 11, 2013

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My Little Reading Companion

Reading Buddies: Everyone probably has one. Mine just happens to be my dog, my baby boy, Boomer. Whether it be in the morning or at night, if I’m reading a book in bed he will snuggle up with me and keep me company for as long as I’m there. Sometimes I’ll look up from my book and catch him making weird faces in his sleep or laying down in a really funny and weird position that just makes my day even brighter. He is my little reading companion who also happens to like posing with my books. He is destined to be a book cover model, for sure. icon wink My Little Reading Companion

I thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of him while he’s sleeping and posing with books. icon smile My Little Reading Companion

BoomerPerry 224x300 My Little Reading Companion


Boomer is a huge fan of Veronica Rossi’s Under the Never Sky series. Perry is his friend. icon smile My Little Reading Companion


BoomerSleepy 224x300 My Little Reading Companion


Boomer loves snuggling in all the blankets I have for him on my bed. icon smile My Little Reading Companion He’s so spoiled. Also, yes that red dragon is his baby and almost always by his side.

UnravelMeBoomer 224x300 My Little Reading Companion


I caught him in the act of reading Unravel Me. He may have been a bit peeved at me since I interrupted him during Chapter 62. He refuses to tell me what happens in it, though. icon wink My Little Reading Companion

BoomerCutie 224x300 My Little Reading Companion


One of my favorites. He’s good at cute poses. icon smile My Little Reading Companion

BoomerToys 224x300 My Little Reading Companion

Lastly, Boomer surrounded by his toys. He loves them all.

And that, my lovely book loving friends, is the little guy who keeps me company when I’m reading. icon smile My Little Reading Companion I love him! Do any of you have reading companions?

sig 300x150 My Little Reading Companion

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  1. I love his color, so warm and peanut buttery

  2. Oh wow!! You sound like you have such a sweet cuddly dog!!! Very cute!!

  3. He is the cutest!! I love cuddles. Unfortunately my chihuahua mix that was my reading buddy (we found her abandoned) ended up being pregnant and moody and we couldn’t keep her around my daughter so a friend took her in. I have a big dog, but she doesn’t come up on the furniture. Lol! you interrupted during chapter 62!! (I really need that book, I need chapter 62!)

  4. My dog, Millie, keeps me company. She’s a tiny black Brussels Griffon that eerily resembles King Kong, but she’s my baby.

    Can I say how much I love that your reading buddy is a dog? I feel like 95% of the authors/book lovers are cat people. And I’m … not. LOL

    • Omigosh I know, right?! We need more dog lovers! I happen to be allergic to cats so there is no chance that one will ever be my reading buddy. :P

  5. HE’S SO CUTE BAILEY!!! I just want to carry him around and hug him at random times. My boys are my reading companions too, and Griffin likes to sleep on me as opposed to next to me. This would be fine if he were Boomer’s size. He’s not. He’s 80lbs and makes it hard to breathe when he’s draped across my chest. Silly dogs:)

  6. He is so prescious! Yes, actually. My little dog, Donnie (Pomeranian mix. actually, does not have the fluffy coat like a pom, more of a silky coat like a long haired chihuahua or something) He is very beautiful. He kind of looks like a little fox! He keeps me company while reading. My favorite place to read is on my couch. The couch is up against the wall of my bedroom so he naps on the back of the couch up against the wall and sometimes reads over my shoulder. Also… if he thinks I am reading too much he will slide down my shoulder into my lap and let me know that I have been reading too much. lol.

  7. Bailey, this is absolutely adorable! You make me want to have a dog, and a reading buddy. I’m so jealous of you! This post absolutely brightened my day, it was so unexpected and awesome. Thanks for sharing, Bailey! :)

  8. Such a cute dog! My dogs are my reading partners as well, especially my eleven-pound Havashoo (Havanese Shih Tzu mix). Benny likes to sleep on my feet while I lay in bed reading. And he always has to carry a baby around, too!

  9. Aw, what an adorable reading buddy! Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. He is so so sweet! You’re really lucky to have him! I must take some pics of all my animals now!

  11. Heh, my childhood pet used to make the funniest faces while sleeping, too! Aw, I wish I could get another dog (will have to wait until I get a house, rather than an apartment) – I would love a reading buddy as cute as Boomer!

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