Jan 21, 2013

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Series End Sadness

Today I really want to talk about my feelings on the ends of series. There are quite a few book series/trilogies ending this year that I am bittersweet about: The Chemical Garden, Delirium, Unearthly, and The Goddess Test trilogies to name a few. Last year Sophie Jordan’s Firelight trilogy and Jeri Smith-Ready’s Shade trilogy also ended (lots of trilogies in YA!). Every time I read the final page of a really great series, I feel really sad inside. I get so depressed and unhappy that I won’t be seeing these characters again or going on more adventures with them. I want to cry at how cruel the world is and WHY does this have to happen?! Can they please just continue on forever? When I finally come to the conclusion that sadly, no, this won’t happen, I start to realize that even though it sucks when a great series/trilogy ends, it’s also a really good thing too.

First of all, the cliffhangers. Basically every single book in a series has one. They leave a snippet of information dangling that entices readers to buy the next book. They also kinda suck. No matter how many times I come to the conclusion that there will be a doozy of a cliffhanger at the end of a book, I still get frustrated. WHY? Why can’t I know the answer to the really freaking crazy bad/good/depressing/weird ending?! Can the book come out sooner? Please? But I need an answer! WHY MUST I BE DENIED? Die cliffhangers, die!!

Yep, my reactions are pretty dramatic but cliffhangers have a tendency to do that to you. Fellow book lovers will get me, right? icon wink Series End Sadness I remember in Lauren DeStefano’s Chemical Garden books, Fever ends with this CRAZY ending and I was all over the place! I seriously broke down and cried because I knew I wouldn’t know what was going to happen after that #90q3ureowa90ugraeojis ending for a whole year!

Cliffhangers, in a word, suck. But I also love them. It’s because of cliffhangers that I get excited for that next book in a series! When release day comes or if I happen to be lucky enough to get an ARC, I can’t wait to dive in and find out what happened! I get excited about the characters and the book again and fall even more in love. Which is kinda a problem when it happens to be the last book in a series and you’re falling deeply in love with something that’s going to end soon. It kills me to have to say goodbye to my friends in the book, because that is what they have become after so many books together.

So while I’m cheering at the fact that there are no more cliffhangers, I’m crying at the fact that there will also be no more new adventures with my favorite characters. And after lots of crying (loud sobbing and ugly tears) I finally begin to realize that it was the right time for the series to end. These characters can’t have super duper nail-biting, exciting adventures for the rest of their lives. They would probably die really young from that stress! Yikes! But also, stories would begin to get repetitive with the same formulaic relationship and story arcs that are bound to happen with a never-ending series. Not to name any names, but I’ve read a few adult books that have over 10 books going, and while the first couple of books may have been great, it starts to get old and boring.

While I know all of the above deep down inside, I will still go through the series withdrawal symptoms when I finish reading Sever, Requiem, The Goddess Inheritance, Boundless, and so many more. It is just bound to happen with a really, really, really, really fantastic series. Since so many of these series are ending this year, I think I may need a support group for “Series End Sadness”. Anyone want to start it? icon wink Series End Sadness I can already feel the tears coming on!

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  1. I’ll join your SES support group! *cries* So many series ended this past year, didn’t they? It’s so hard when you’ve become invested in characters and in worlds but I do appreciate endings, even when I don’t want them to happen. *passes the kleenex* *huggles*

  2. YES. OK? Just .. YES.

    This is why I posted about books scaring me last week. Part of it because of these dang cliffhangers. They kill me all the time – even when I expect it. I swear, a piece of my soul (and sanity) dies with each one.

    I heartbreaking how many series are ending this year. I’m so sad that I won’t get to read any more about characters I have come to know and love. Kind of breaks my heart. I know I’ll find new series to love that will rip out my beating heart, too, but when you hit a good series, it lingers and you ponder what your fave characters are doing 10 years from now.

  3. EpicReads has a series support group for Boundless and Reqeium along with a few other series that are ending. I am thinking of starting a supprt group on goodreads because I feel the same as you. Ill post a link up to the goodreads support group later today.

    I hope you will join

  4. Ah. yes. I finished Shades of Earth last night and can’t believe there are no more books to eagerly anticipate. It’s a sad, sad day. But at the same time there are so many new series that I’m obsessing over.Hang in there!

  5. Aww I share so many opinions here. I both love and hate cliffhangers for the same reason. It KILLS me in the moment but when the next book arrives it’s so excited to see what’s going to happen. And god this reminds me I’ve yet to read the 3rd Chemical Garden book! *gasp*

  6. Everything you said is absolutely right; series ending is so, so sad, but definitely necessary. I would love a support group for the ones I love, and Epic Reads’ The End is Here promo is going to help me get through Boundless and Requiem (I even get to be a newbie for the Unearthly trilogy!). And hey, series ending means that authors will be able to start new, potentially equally awesome ones for us to adore. :)

  7. I know what you mean. When I read a really good series (or sometimes a standalone, too) I feel so sad having to say good bye to the characters because throughout the books, I’ve formed a bond with them.

  8. I am really sad when a good series ends too, but I would rather a series ends on a good note, then trying to drag it out. I just finished Boundless the other day and I am so sad that series is over. I am going to be reading Requiem soon. And Clockwork Princess in March! *sobs* I feel like I’m losing a friend. I have been so used to having that character in my head and learning more about their story, that when it’s over I really miss them. Great post.

  9. SES!! I’m there!! SO many book series are ending. I’m going to be sobbing in my cereal.

  10. I feel bummed about series endings too but I’d rather have them close with a bang than dragging the story til it’s as dry as stale bread.

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